Getting ready for spring series – biking, running and gardening


There are so many reasons to love spring: the weather is better for cycling and walking, the flowers are in bloom and farmers and backyard gardeners alike can start prepping their gardens. You know what that means, fresh veggies and great calf mussels! Get excited people.

So, to start your spring off right, I’ll be putting up a series of posts to help you get ready. Here’s what you can expect.

1. Bike maintenance and safety

  • My bike has been in the garage all winter. What should I check on it to make sure it’s safe for riding?

  • I pump up my tires but what regular maintenance should I be doing on my bike? Chain greasing, bike washing, the whole bit.

  • I’m scared to drive around cars. What can I do to feel more comfortable and be safe?

  • I’d like to go for some longer rides. What do I need to make sure I’m prepared? Tire patches, pocket pumps, all the gear you need.

  • Riding in the rain. How can I stay dry through the spring showers?

2. Tips for picking out a great walking or running shoe

3. How to guides, tips and ideas for starting your vegetable and flower gardens

4. How to find a CSA farm near you and never worry about grocery shopping again!


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